Monday, August 25, 2008

How To Find A Caller's City From Their Area Code & Prefix

In the course of a day's work, have you ever had a phone number sitting there and wondered where that area code is from? Better yet, have you ever wondered the specific city within an area code that a particular phone number is from?

Well, here is your easy solution: There is a lot to this site, but the basic look-up tool is free. On the left side in the yellow box, you can simply enter the area code (NPA) and the first three local digits of the phone number (NXX) and then click on the Search button. Then you'll get more information than you want to know about that phone exchange. But you'll definitely get the city and state of your phone number. And you might even be able to tell if the phone number is a cell phone or landline.

Another cool feature on this site is the zip code look-ups. If you click on a zip code in your phone results, you'll get some basic demographic data for that zip. Stats include population of that zip code, number of households, average house value, average household income, and racial demographics for the zip code. If you click the "zip code database" link on the left, you can get even more detailed demographic data. So if you're doing any direct mail to consumers / households, then this zip code demographic data should be invaluable to you. It can help you choose the best zip codes where you can focus your mailings.

Have fun looking around!

by Brian Baer,
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