Monday, October 13, 2008

How To Send Large Files

Do you ever have trouble sending or receiving large files? Do file attachments clog up your email or even it shut down sometimes? Have large attachments ever slowed down your system to a crawl? These are common problems. But there is an easy solution; a solution I have used myself and that I have implemented for some of my clients.

I recommend two file transfer solutions that are secure, easy to use and very effective. Both have free versions as well as paid versions that allow larger file sizes, longer retention of files and other bells and whistles. And best of all, these file transfer tools keep large files out of your email system, thus avoiding all of those problems. The recipient simply downloads the file(s) to their own computer's hard drive from a link provided in an email. It's really simple and there is no software to install! is a file transfer system with more than four million registered users from 220 countries, with over 30,000 GB transferred per day and over 500 million files to date. So yeah, it's reliable and proven. In fact, YouSendIt is even HIPPA compliant (the healthcare privacy standard thing).

YouSendIt allows creation of a custom dropbox page branded to closely match your site. They also allow a "sitebox" to be embedded directly on any page of your website to give a more integrated feel with your website. Prices range from free to $29.99 per month. Compare Features. The current maximum file size for paid accounts is 2 GB.

The free version allows files up to 100MB and up to 1 GB per month of transfers. You can even send a file without signing up for an account just by going to their front page. The only drawback is when the file is retrieved, there are bunch of ads. neither the sender nor the receiver needs an account in this case. is another very useful and effective file transfer tool. It also allows you to easily send and receive large files to and from anyone, anywhere. SendThisFile is also HIPPA compliant.

To use SendThisFile, you must sign up for an account. There is a free version and there are upgraded plans starting as low as $4.95 per month. Compare Features.

One cool feature of is that there are not any limits on file size. That's right ... no limits at all. So if you regularly deal with enormous file sizes, this might be the solution for you. Another great feature is that the file box that can be embedded on your website can accomodate up five file uploads at the same time. So if you have clients sending you multiple files at the same time, this is a great way to go.

With either solution, Baer Marketing can help you learn to use it and set it up as an integrated part of your website. But they're also easy enough for you to use on your own. Let us know if we can help you!

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by Brian Baer,
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