Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How To Mark-up Your Screen!

Have you ever wanted to circle things, draw lines, draw arrows, scribble, write notes, etc. right on your computer screen? Often when you're trying to show somebody something on your screen, these tools would come in handy.

So how about a free tool for annotating your screen? ScreenMarker, from BeamYourScreen, is absolutely free and is available from Download.com.

With ScreenMarker, you can choose to annotate a screen in 28 different colors using lines, squares, cirlces/ellipses, or freehand for any shape you want. I use the freehand most of the time. Then with one quick click, you can remove all of the mark-ups that you've done to your screen.

So whether your just showing something on your screen to somebody right next to you or whether you're using desktop sharing for remote webinar or sales type sessions, ScreenMarker is a great little tool to enhance your ability to show your screen! Try it out and have fun!

by Brian Baer, BaerMarketingNetwork.com
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