Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Looking Forward with Baer Marketing

So what will you find in the upcoming months on Baer Marketing's resurrected blog ( and on our new social media presence?  The plan is for quite a lot!

thumbnail image of new Baer Marketing Network websiteWe will be announcing the launch of a rebuilt  The old site started in 2003 and hasn't had a major upgrade, so it's way past due. And the changes will be significant!

We will be relaunching (image below) as a revamped and substantially upgraded industrial search engine and regional industrial directory. You can take a sneak peek if you want!  It will follow the freemium model of free listings for any US based industrial company along with options to upgrade your listing for significantly greater presence and greater impact and for SEO effect.  More to come!

thumbnail of industrial mega search websiteWe'll throw in lots of useful tips and reviews of web "cloud" based small business services such as CRM contact management / customer relationship management systems, cloud based invoicing and expense tracking, and a cloud based proposal management system.  And we'll show you that the best part of these services is that they all tie together and easily feed information back and forth to each other.

And then there will be some quick reviews of sites like web based phone dialing systems (need to call the entire team quickly?, would you like to be able to click a number to dial it?), email reminder services, free online PDF tools, etc.  I am a web junkie who is always looking for cool and useful web tools, so get on board if you want to find all kinds of incredibly useful web-based productivity, management and marketing tools.

We'll be announcing our new Video Web Presence program to help your company improve it's SEO and it's message through effective video marketing.

And we've got a kick-butt Content Management System that we can add to new or existing websites!  Want to change your own web page content? We'll show you how!

We'll be announcing our Mobile Website Presence Program so your company can have an effective mobile presence. Mobile internet devices already outnumber computers almost 5 to 1, so you better go mobile!

We'll talk about email newsletter marketing to your customers and prospects, about pay per click advertising on the big search engines, and about our Industrial Web Presence Program to assure you're listed accurately on all of the major online industrial search engines and directories (think®, GlobalSpec®, MacRae's®, etc.).  

So this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is lots of good stuff to come! Stay tuned!

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