Tuesday, April 19, 2011

IndustrialMegaSearch Preliminary Launch

You can start using IndustrialMegaSearch today!  While this a preliminary roll-out, the industrial search function is fully functional.

With one click in one place, you can get search results from the top 10 industrial search engines and directories.  No more jumping from one directory to the next. No more search results littered with useless sites like online yellow pages.

In fact, we're trying to weed out bad results by excluding specific undesirable sites. For instance, we're promoting Made in the USA so we have already excluded results from sites like Alibaba and various sites from China, Taiwan, Mexio and Brazil. This will get even better over time. And soon, we'll be asking for your feed back on the quality of your search results so that we can  improve your search results even further.

We can also help your company get found better by giving you the same status as any of the large industrial search sites.  We'll spider your website specifically so that your company can show up at or near the top of the search results on an equal basis with any of the big industrial search sites.  And you'll even be able to specify specific keywords so that you'll place above the standard search results in a premium position.

So check it out today!  When you need industrial search results, IndustrialMegaSearch delivers!