Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Arts Access Website

Just launched a new non-profit site: http://www.ArtsAccessInc.com. Please check it out. And take our 5-second test .

This simple design actually packs a lot more punch than meets the eye.

  • Not only can you change the font size for easier reading, you can also change the color scheme / background contrast.  You can change any page from the default white background to a gray scale page or to a black background with white print. Why? The audience for this site has a substantial number of vision impaired people.
  • The "join" form integrates with a cloud based CRM database / contact manager. So whenever somebody signs up, all of their data is automatically and immediately entered into the database and classified with various tags depending on which interests they checked.
  • Every single page has content management (CMS) built-in so that the site owners can change and update content on any page, any time.

So while this is out of our traditional realm of industrial or building trades contractor websites, it was still an interesting experience.  

By the way, if you believe in their mission of "Making the arts accessible to people with disabilities", then please make a contribution at http://www.artsaccessinc.org/donate.shtml.