Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy Blogging & Bookmarking As Part of Your Social Networking Strategy

Serial entrepreneur and blogger Brian Wong had a great post about "How To Automate Your Blog Work Flow And Increase Your Search Engine Ranking."  http://ow.ly/7xciW

So with a little bit of one-time effort setting up all of your social networking accounts, the workflow methods suggested by Brian can make your ongoing efforts very automated and very easy. There is almost no excuse to not blog!

But's it not just blogging. If you follow his methods, you can "turn a single blog post into about 40 back links" and those are immediate and effortless. Blog once a week and you'll have created over 2,000 back links in a year to your blog, interest and trust in your brand, credibility in your market place and new potential customers!

Best of all, this is all above board and will greatly help with your overall market reach and SEO. I'm implementing this for Baer Marketing and for any clients who want to get on board. Please send me your questions or comments to dicuss this great idea!