Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Capture The Moment On Video & Why It's So Easy That Even Your Boss To Do It!

Every website should have video! But every video does not have to be a major production! Just do it yourself!

Sure, you should have at least a few professionally produced videos to really show off your company. And you can get those for as little as $1000-$2000 for a 30 or 60 second video.

But most of us have video cameras on our cell phones or we might have some kind of flip camera or even an iPad or tablet with video capabilities. Are you going to a trade show? Are you out on your shop floor? Are you doing an installation? Just start filming... Just Do It! The worst that can happen is a bad video, but it costs you nothing; just erase it. And you'll hopefully know how to do it better next time. But if it's half way decent, put it up on your website! Add it to your YouTube page! Post it on your blog! A few tips
  • keep it under 60 seconds
  • pan slowly (as in moving right to left or up and down, go slowly)
  • If it's too noisy, don't bother with commentary, it will be muddled and detract from the visual. You can always add a soundtrack or just describe the video in writing when you post it
  • uploading to YouTube is easy, and then embedding that on your website or blog is very easy
A few short business videos showing a personal touch actually add a genuine feeling to your website or blog... it shows site visitors that your company has real people, not just corporate robots.

You don't believe me? Check out - the folks at the IMTS trade show said that their boss can do it! (IMTS = International Machine Technology Show)

There are also various easy video editing tools available. Just search for a term like "easy video editor" on Google and you'll find lots of them to try out.

For instance, I'm a real person :-)  I took my kids on a Segway adventure for a Christmas gift. And here is a video I shot while riding the segway. I combined photos, short video segments and music using an online tool.

So complement your professional videos with a few "home-made" videos!  Need help? Let us know. We're happy to combine your photos, video clips, music and even a professional voice-over into a video for you. We can also set you up with higher level video production at a great price. Just let us know what you need!

Oh, and next time you're visiting any city, google "segway tours" for that city and see what you find. They're a ton of fun, they're easy to learn and to ride, and they're a great way to see a city!

by Brian Baer,
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