Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Socialize your factory (with social media)

I ran into this article on Twitter about "Socializing your factory" and it presented a very interesting twist on the use of social media in manufacturing; actually... within any business. And don't worry... we're not talking about socialism! We're talking about social media networks!

The article cites examples of companies and groups using private, internal social media methods to encourage the free flow of ideas within a company and across all boundaries of rank and position. For instance, instead of following a rigid chain of command, why shouldn't an assembly line worker be able to post and idea for making the process run smoother, or for saving money?

Management would have to monitor the social media flow and respond in a welcoming way, even if the idea is zany. But why would you want to miss out on good ideas?

So now you're probably saying that you don't want your company's internal conversation in the public domain. Well, I would agree. So one useful tool I've run across addresses that issue very well. It's called Yammer, and it enable you to setup a "private social network for your company" to "collaborate with your coworkers." There are free and paid versions of Yammer.

I have not used Yammer (and I have no relationship with them) but I've read about it and perused their website. It seems like a site worth checking out for social collaboration within your company!

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by Brian Baer,
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