Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Maximize the ROI of Attending a Conference

In his article, "What Is The Business Return Of Attending A Conference?", author Lee Oddon presents an extensive list of valuable returns that derive from attending or presenting at a conference. The article is covers many facets of conference attendance including:

  • pre-event planning and marketing
  • maximizing your time and effectiveness at the event
  • post-event to-do's
I especially like the section on creating and curating content where he discusses 
  • Live blogging the event
  • Live tweeting the event
  • Curating multiple sources and multiple threads of information into one very usable summary
And throughout his article, he points out the value of taking and sharing pictures and videos.

Oddon discusses how the "event" is actually a long and drawn-out opportunity to make connections, learn valuable information, share the information and add value to it, and how a single event can result in extensive content creation featuring your company to both new and old contacts.

This is good information and anyone investing in a conference, trade show or other event would be wise to read this article and use this as a starting point to maximizing your event ROI. (Go to article)

by Brian Baer,
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