Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Make The Most Of Trade Shows

Make The Most Of Trade Shows
from Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations

A successful trade show means more than just showing up in your booth, talking to a bunch of people, collecting business cards and then emailing everyone afterward. As this article shows, you can maximize your ROI and sales opportunities by carefully planning an executing a pre-show strategy, an at-show strategy, and a post-show strategy.

Pre-show activities:

  • contacting prospects ahead of time
  • media outreach
  • booth planning
  • social media announcements of your booth # and show dates
  • email your contacts with your booth # and show dates
At-show activities:
  • incentives & give-aways
  • new product promotions
  • eye-catching spectacle - video, LED message board
  • check out your competition
  • speaking opportunities - presentations, panels, etc.
  • record video clips for later use
Post-show activities:
  • I use for fast transcription of business cards to spreadsheets & easy entry into a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system for easy and organized follow-up
  • call your hottest prospects
  • email everyone 
  • add your new contacts to an email newsletter list
  • friend / follow new contacts on social media and touch base via social media
  • follow-up with any media contacts you made
  • share pictures or video clips from the show
  • call Baer Marketing to put together a video montage of your trade show using your images and video clips. We'll help you post it on your website and via social media.

So check out this article, Make The Most Of The Trade Show, from Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations, and make the most out of your trade show investment!

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